The Marian Consort, Part 2

Program: #13-21   Air Date: May 20, 2013

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This fine young English ensemble was new to us last month, and we promised more from if they were warmly received (which they were!).

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the Marian Consort directed by Rory McCleery.


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II. An Emerald in a Work of Gold: Music from the Dow Partbooks. Delphian CD DCD34115.

An Emerald in a Work of Gold: Music from the Dow Partbooks by The Marian Consort

For their second Delphian recording, The Marian Consort have leaved through the beautifully scripted pages of the partbooks compiled at the close of the sixteenth century by the Elizabethan scholar Robert Dow, to present a sequence of some of their brightest jewels. Sumptuous motets, melancholy consort songs and intricate, harmonically daring viol fantasies are seamlessly interwoven, all brought to life by seven voices and the robust plangency of the Rose consort of Viols in the chapel of All souls College, Oxford – where Dow himself was once a Fellow.

‘From William Mundy’s exquisite Sive vigilem to Robert Parson’s wonderful Ave Maria setting, the ensemble sings with eloquence and expressive finesse.’ The Sunday Times

‘McCleery elicits performances that glow with golden purity and soul.’ ***** The Scotsman

‘The concluding Ave Maria by Robert Parsons is superb, the final ‘Amen’ attaining to genuine emotion but without the saccharine reverence that this much-recorded piece can attract’ Gramophone Magazine
William Mundy Sive Vigilem

Nicholas Strogers A doleful deadly pang, In Nomine a 5 No. 2, Non me vincat, Deus meus
(?) Robert Mallory Miserere a 5
Nathaniel Giles Vestigia mea dirige
Robert White In Nomine a 5, Justus es, Domine
William Byrd O Lord, how vain, La verginella
Christopher Tye In Nomine ['Follow me']
Thomas Tallis O salutaris hostia
Robert Parsons Retribue servo tuo, Ave Maria
Anon. Come, Holy Ghost
Vincenzo Ruffo La Gamba
Anon. ['Roose'] Dum transisset Sabbatum
Jean Maillard Ascendo ad Patrem meum
(?) Philippe Verdelot Madonna somm’acorto
Philip van Wilder Je file quand Dieu me donne de quoy, Pour vous aymer j’ay mis toute ma cure

Composer Info

CHRISTOPHER TYE, Jean Maillard, Nathaniel Giles, Nicholas Strogers, Philip van Wilder, PHILIPPE VERDELOT, Robert Mallory, Robert Parson, ROBERT PARSONS, Robert White, THOMAS TALLIS, Vincenzo Ruffo, William Byrd, WILLIAM MUNDY

CD Info

Delphian CD DCD34115