The Medieval Baebes

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Program: #02-52   Air Date: Dec 30, 2002


A somber year ends on an unexpected note as the normally somber Millennium management is taken away by the heretofore-resisted charms of these nine young women who recreate the Middle Ages (of a sort); we'll be joined by chief Baebe Katherine Blake and sample their four recordings.

NOTE: All of the music on this program is performed by the ensemble Mediaeval Baebes, with Music Director Katherine Blake as our guest.

Each of their four albums will be noted separately.

I. Salva nos  [Virgin CD # 7243 8 46229 2]

  • Anon./BLAKE: Now springes the spray (14th c. English).
  • Anon.: Ah si mon moine (Ah, if the friar would like to dance).
  • Piae Cantiones (1582): Gaudete, Christus est natus.

II. Worldes Blysse  [Virgin CD # 0 6700 30142]

  • Anon./BLAKE: Kinderly is now my coming.
  • Anon.: Ecce mundi gaudium (Behold the joy of the world--13th c. Eng.).
  • Anon./GALLOWAY: Erthe upon erthe (15th c. Eng.).

III. Undrentide  [RCA/BMG CD # 0 6700 30156]

  • Anon. (<Orfeo, 15th c. Eng.)/BLAKE: Undrentide: Befell so in the comessing of May.
  • BOCCACCIO/BLAKE: E volentieri (I am a young maiden).
  • WALTER von der VOGELWEIDE (1170-1230): Palastinalied.

IV. The Rose [Nettwerk CD # 0 6700 30256].

  • Anon. (<The maydens came, 16th c. Eng.)/SAPPHIRE: Glass Window.
  • JUAN RUIZ (fl.~1400)/BLAKE: The Snake.
  • Anon. (<Love for a Beautiful Lady, late 13thc. Eng.): Blow Northern Wind.

Composer Info

WALTER von der VOGELWEIDE (1170-1230), JUAN RUIZ (fl.~1400), BOCCACCIO, GALLOWAY, Piae Cantiones (1582), Katherine Blake

CD Info

Virgin CD # 7243 8 46229 2, Virgin CD # 7243 8 46229 2, RCA/BMG CD # 0 6700 30156, Nettwerk CD # 0 6700 30256.

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