The Renaissance Lute

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Program: #94-17, Air Date: 04/25/94

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the recording The Renaissance Lute featuring our guest for the program, Ronn McFarlane. It is on the Dorian Sono Luminus label and is CD 90186.

Preservation of this program is made possible by a generous grant from Sue Lane France.

When first conceiving this recording, I imagined myself as a first time listener to the lute. I have tried to bring together a collection of pieces that capture some of the variety and range of styles of the Renaissance lute. The lute was the favorite solo instrument of the Renaissance, valued for its portability and its expressiveness. The lute's shadings of dynamics and tone color were literally at the tip of one's fingers I hope that these varying colors and textures of sound will help communicate the spirit and character of these pieces more clearly, as well as keeping the ear refreshed. For any variety of sounds will be meaningless unless tied to the emotional or structural content of the music -Ronn McFarlane
    • Branle
    • The Early Chanson Anthologies: Bransle gay, C'est mon amy
    • Haulberroys
    • Branle de Poictou
    • Petite fantasie dessus l'accord du Leut
    • Passemeze
    • Pavana and Galiarda in F Major, No. 1, " Bray": Pavana
    • Galiarda
    • Forlorn Hope, P. 2
    • Greensleeves (Ballet Lute)
    • Greensleeves (Thysius Lute Book)
    • Greensleeves Divisions (attrib. to J. Dowland)
    • Cozens Lute Book: John Come Kiss Me Now
    • Madonna katerina
    • Christ ist erstanden (Christ is risen)
    • Und wer er nit erstanden (And who is not risen)
    • Der hoff dantz
    • Der hoff dantz (Nach tanz)
    • Der ander Theil des Lautenbuchs: Preambel
    • Der ander Theil des Lautenbuchs: Elslein liebstes Elslein mein (Dearest Elslein my Elslein)
    • Ich klag den tag (I lament the day)
    • Ein welscher tantz Wascha mesa
    • Der hupff auff
    • El maestro: Fantasia
    • Los Seys libros del Delphin: Conde Claros
    • Mille regretz (arr. for vihuela)
    • Passacaglia
    • Branles de village
    • Fantasia No. 1
    • Pavana alla ferrarase
    • Pavana alla ferrarase (version for lute): Saltarello
    • Piva
    • Intavolatura de viola o vero lauto … libro primo: Ricercar No. 51
    • Intavolatura de viola o vero lauto … libro primo: Ricercar No. 16
    • Ricercar No. 33
    • Intavolatura de viola o vero lauto … libro primo: Ricercar No. 34
    • O Bone Jesu

CD Info

Dorian Sono Luminus CD 90186.