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Program: #01-23   Air Date: Jun 04, 2001


The Renaissance lute in Switzerland.

Concerts from Basel: Continuing our examination of the Swiss early music scene, we turn to music from Basel, the home of the first school exclusively dedicated to the study of early music (and hear concerts dedicated to the first music publisher!).

Preservation of this program is made possible by a generous grant in honor of John and Kathleen Cassidy.

NOTE: These programs are made possible in part by PRS--Presence Switzerland, Swiss Radio International, Switzerland Tourism, and the Embassy of Switzerland in Washington, D.C. For more information about Swiss cultural events, travel to Switzerland, and music events from Swiss music festivals, you may contact the Embassy at:

I. Music from Swiss 16th Century Sources:

  • CLAUDIN de SERMISY: Amy souffrez.
  • HULDRYCH ZWINGLI: Herr nun heb den wagen selb.
  • Anon.: Bentzenauwer oder Zuerich dantz.
  • Anon.: Studenten dantz.
  • Anon.: Salve puella oder Helenae dantz.
  • Anon.: Schweizer dantz.
  • PIETRO PAO BORRONO: Der annder Spryngerdanntz genant la Rocha el fuso.

[Sara Maurer, vocals; Roger Harmon and Andreas Schlegel, lutes]. Special recording from DRS.

II. Music of the Renaissance for 1, 2, 3, and 4 Lutes

  • GIOVANNI PACOLONI: La Bataglia (trio). PACOLONI: La Desperata (trio).
  • EMMANUEL ANDRIAENSSEN: Villanella (quartet); Als ick u vinde (quartet); Madonna mia pieta (trio).

[Ricardo Correa Lute Trio with Annette Gruel, lute]. Christophorus CD CHR-74527.

III. Swiss and French Lute Books:

  • from the EMANUEL WURSTISEN Lute Book: Praeludium;
    Passamezo; Galgliarda; Ripresssa; Fantasie.
  • from the Berchterschen Tagebuch: Von Wilhelm dellen, das lied.
  • Anon.: Prelude.
  • ROBERT, LUC oder PIERRE DESPONT: Courante par Despont.
  • Anon.: Courante.
  • Anon.: Baize-moy ma Janeton.
  • Anon.: Sarabande; Sarabande "Marion pleure."
  • RENE MESANGEAU: Prelude par Mesangeau.
  • ENNEMOND GAULTIER: Allemande Gaultier.

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CD CHR-74527

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