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Program: #01-46, Air Date: 11/12/01

Il Seminario Musicale in the Office of the Dead by Sebastien de Brossard and sacred motets of Alessando Scarlatti.

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the Bergen International
Music Festival 2001. This concert features the ensemble Il seminario Musicale
and soprano Marie-Louise Duthoit directed by Gerard Lesne, alto.

These programs are made possible in part by support from the Norwegian
Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in
Washington, D.C. For more information about Norwegian cultural events
in the United States or for travel and tourist information, you may consult:

--SEBASTIEN de BROSSARD (1655-1730): Lessons for the Office of the Dead
for Soprano, Alto, Strings and Continuo.

--ALESSANDRO SCARLATTI (1660-1725): Infirmata Vulnerata--
Motet for Alto, Strings amd Continuo.

--ALESSANDRO SCARLATTI: Salve Regina--Motet for Soprano, Alto, Strings
and Continuo.

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