The Swiss Early Music Scene, Continued: Schola Cantorum Basileinsis II: Roots of the Baroque

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Program: #00-44   Air Date: Sep 20, 2000


NOTE: Our series on Switzerland is made possible in part by PRS--Presence Switzerland; with additional support from Swiss Radio International, Switzerland Tourism, and the Embassy of Switzerland in Washington, D.C. For information on Swiss culture and tourism, Swiss music festivals, and Swiss events in your area, contact the Embassy's web site:

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1). Musique iberique au clavicorde (Ilton Wjuniski, clavichord). Harmonia Mundi CD HMC 905236.

  • ALONSO MUDARRA (c. 1510-1580): Cifras.
  • Fr. BARTOLOMEU de OLAGUE (17th c.): Variedades da Xaraca.
  • GASPAR doe REIS (d. 1674?): Concertado sobre o Canto Chao de Ave Maris Stella.
  • Anon. (late 16th c.): Himno.

2). Io Canterei d'Amor: Chansons e Madrigali "da sonare"  (Labyrinto {Concerto di Viole}/Paolo Pandolfo, dir.). Harmonia Mundi CD HMC 905234.

  • CIPRIANO de RORE (1515-1565): Vergine bella.
  • ORAZIO BASSANI (c.1550-1609): Vergine bella (Desus diminue "alla bastarda").

3). Christoph Strauss: Missa Maria concertata (Concerto Palatino/Bruce Dickey, Charles Toet, directors). Harmonia Mundi CD HMC 905243.

  •  CHRISTOPH STRAUSS (?1575-1631): Missa Maria concertata.

4). Caspar Kittel: Arien und Kantaten. (soloists of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis/Rene Jacobs, dir.). Harmonia Mundi CD HMC 905247.

  •  CASPAR KITTEL (1603-1639): Aria XI: "Ietzund koembt die Nacht herbei."

5). Barbara Strozzi: Arie, lamenti e cantate (Susanne Ryden, soprano/Musica Fiorita). Harmonia Mundi CD HMC 905249.

  • BARBARA STROZZI (1619-c.1677): L'amante segreto: "Voglio, voglio morire."

Composer Info

ALONSO MUDARRA (c. 1510-1580), Fr. BARTOLOMEU de OLAGUE (17th c.), GASPAR doe REIS (d. 1674?), CIPRIANO de RORE (1515-1565), ORAZIO BASSANI (c.1550-1609), CHRISTOPH STRAUSS (?1575-1631), CASPAR KITTEL (1603-1639), BARBARA STROZZI (1619-c.1677)

CD Info

CD HMC 905236, CD HMC 905234, CD HMC 905243, CD HMC 905247, CD HMC 905249

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