Thomas Tallis: The Complete Works–Volumes 8 & 9

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Program: #05-22   Air Date: May 23, 2005


NOTE: As we have done with this series from the beginning, we have featured each disc in this superior effort from Signum featuring the Chapelle du Roi conducted by Alistair Dixon.

This multi-year project has given us now 9 volumes and 10 CDs; to review the first seven:
--Music for Henry V (Signum SIGCD001)
--Music for the Reformation (Signum SIGCD002)
--Music for Queen Mary (Signum SIGCD003)
--Music for the Divine Office I (Signum SIGCD010)
--Music for the Divine Office II (Signum SIGCD016)
--Music for a Reformed Church (Signum SIGCD022)
--Music for Queen Elizabeth (Signum SIGCD029)

Over these two programs, we heard the rest of the series (all music by Tallis unless otherwise noted):

Volume 8: Lamentations and Contrafacta (Signum SIGCD036)
--Lamentations of Jeremiah I & II.
--Wipe away my sins.
--Forgive me, Lord, my sin.
--Blessed are those that be undefiled.
--Arise, O Lord, and hear.
--With all our hearts.
--I call and cry to thee.
--O sacred and holy banquet.
--When Jesus went into Simon the Pharisee's house.
--Blessed be thy name.
--O Praise the Lord II.
--Sing and glorify heaven's high majesty.

Volume 9: Instrumental Music and Songs (Signum SIGCD042)
[featuring the ensemble Charivari Agreable with Andrew Benson Wilson,
organ; Lawrence Cummings, virginals and harpsichord; Lynda Sayce, lute;
and Stephen Taylor, countertenor].

For Instrumental Consort:
--In nomine (I & II).
--A Solfing Song.
--Salvator Mundi.

--Felix namque (versions for lute & harpsichord).

For Harpsichord and Virginals:
--When shall my sorrowful sighing slack?
--Like as the doleful dove.
--O ye tender babes.
--Purge me, O Lord.
--Per haec nos.
--A Point.
--Lesson: Two Partes in One.
--Remember not, O Lord God.

For Organ:
--Per haec nos.
--A Point.
--Lesson: Two Partes in One.

For Lute and Voice:
--Tu nimirum.
--When shall my sorrowful sighing slack?
--Like as the doleful dove.
--O ye tender babes.

WILLIAM BYRD: Ye Sacred Muses (Lament on the Death of Thomas Tallis)

[on the bonus 10th CD]:

--Litany (Chapelle du Roi/Alistair Dixon).

For Organ:
--Verset I & II
--Felix namque

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