Three from Ambronay

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Program: #11-35   Air Date: Aug 22, 2011

The remarkable French label gives us three recent recordings looking at women composers in the early Italian Baroque, Venice in 1677, and a reconstruction of Vivaldi's Vespers for St. Mark.


NOTE: The recordings on this program come from the French label Ambronay, part of the Bureau Export association. For more information, you may explore:

I. Il Canto della Dame (Maria Cristina Kiehr, s./Concerto Soave/Jean-Marc Aymes, dir.). Ambronay CD AMY025.

--ISABELLA LEONARDA (1620-1704): Ave suavis dilectio (Motetti, Op. 6; Venice, 1676) ("Hail, sweet love, hail replete charity").

--FRANCESCA CACCINI (1587-1640): Maria, dolce Maria (Il Primo Libro della Musiche, Florence, 1618) ("Mary, gentle Mary, name so sweet").

--CATERINA ASSANDRA (flourished 1609-1618): O quam suavis ("O how gentle, Lord, is Thy spirit"); O Salutaris hostia ("O saving Victim").


II. Rosenmüller, Legrenzi, Stradella: Venezia (The Rare Fruits Council/Manfredo Kraemer, cond.). Ambronay CD AMY028.

--GIOVANNI LEGRENZI (1626-1690): Sonata terza à 3

--ALESSANDRO STRADELLA: (1644-1682):  Sinfonia XVIII

--JOHAN ROSENMÜLLER (c.1619-1684): Sonata settima


III. VIVALDI--VESPRO a SAN MARCO (soloists/Choeur de Chambre de namur/Les Agrémens/Leonardo García Alarcón, cond.). Ambronay CD AMY029.

--Deus in adjutorium ("O God, make speed to save me).

--Dixit Dominus (Ps. 109), RV 807 ("The Lord said unto my Lord, sit Thou at My right hand").

Composer Info

ISABELLA LEONARDA (1620-1704), FRANCESCA CACCINI (1587-1640), CATERINA ASSANDRA (flourished 1609-1618),GIOVANNI LEGRENZI (1626-1690), ALESSANDRO STRADELLA: (1644-1682), JOHAN ROSENMÜLLER (c.1619-1684)

CD Info

CD AMY028, CD AMY025, CD AMY029