Three Medieval Discs

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Program: #05-14   Air Date: Mar 28, 2005

This program features three new releases in medieval music.

I. Le Jeu de Robin et Marion [The Ensemble Micrologus]. (Zig-Zag Territoires CD ZZT 040602)

ADAM de la HALLE (c. 1250-?1306): The Story of Robin & Marion, Part 1.

II. Puzzles and Perfect Beauty: Italian Music at the End of the Middle Ages. [The Newberry Consort]. (A Newberry Library/Noyse Productions CD; for information, contact: ).

--Ballata I'vo bene ("I wish anyone well who wishes me well").
LORENZO da FIRENZE (d. 1372):
--Ballata Donna e fu.
MATTEO da PERUGIA (fl. 1400):
--Ballade Se je me plaing (" If I complain of Fate").
JOHANNES CICONIA (c.1370-1412):
--Virelai Sus un fontayne ("As by a spring I entertained my sight").

III. Le Souvenir de Vous me Tue: Medieval Chansons from the Court of Philip the Good.
[Asteria Ensemble--for information on the recording, contact: ].

Anon. (<Oxford Can.Misc. 213, c. 1420):
--Quant la doulce jouvencelle ("If the gentle maiden").
ROBERT MORTON (c. 1430-1476):
--Vive ma dame par amours ("Hail my lady for love").
--Va t'ent souspir ("Go, sigh, I beg you").
--Le Souvenir de Vous me Tue ("The memory of you kills me").
Anon. (<Mellon Chansonnier, c. 1475):
--Hora cridar "oyme" ("And now I can well cry 'Alas' ").
Anon. (<Oxford Can.Misc. 213, c. 1420):
--Humble pitie ("Humble Pity, pleasant and debonair").

Composer Info

ADAM de la HALLE (c. 1250-?1306), GHERARDELLO da FIRENZE (d. 1364), LORENZO da FIRENZE (d. 1372), MATTEO da PERUGIA (fl. 1400), JOHANNES CICONIA (c.1370-1412), ROBERT MORTON (c. 1430-1476), ESTIENNE GROSSIN (fl. 1420)

CD Info

CD ZZT 040602,

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