Three more from Venance Fortunat

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Program: #07-45   Air Date: Oct 29, 2007

The great French Medieval ensemble has three more discs we have never heard--early Capetian chant, the Transfiguration ceremony from Cluny, and the Miracles of St. Nicholas.

NOTE: All of the music on this program comes from recordings featuring the directed by Anne-Marie Dechamps on the French label l'empreinte digitale--you may find out more from

I. Rituel: Sacred Chants from the Early Capetian Era

PEROTINUS: Gaude felix Francia (for the coronation of Louis IX, Nov. 29, 1226).
ROBERT le PIEUX (d. 1031): O Costancia (Robert was the eldest son of Hugh Capet; crowned Dec. 30, 987).
Anon.: Beata nobis gaudia (for the coronation of Louis VIII, Aug.6, 1223).
GUILLAUME DUFAY (1397-1474): Veni Creator Spiritus.
Anon. Sicut oculi (used for Louis VIII).
GAUTHIER de CHATILLON: Ver pacis (for Phillippe-Auguste, Nov. 1, 1179).
Anon.: Protector Noster; Alleluia! Domine in virtute (used for Louis VIII).
Anon. (School of Notre Dame): De rupta rupecula (for the recovery of La Rochelle by Louis VIII).
Anon.: Novus miles sequitur (for Thomas a Becket).

II: Cluny: La Transfiguration (Chants de Pierre le Venerable)

Pierre le Venerable was Abbot of Cluny from 1122 until his death on Christmas Day, 1156:
--Ecce nubes lucida ("And then a bright cloud enveloped them").
--Assumens Ihesus ("Jesus took with him Peter").
--Invitatory Christum regem ("Christ, the King of kings").
--Assumptis hodie ("Today the Lord Jesus brought three disciples").
--Coram tribus discipulis ("Before the three disciples Christ transfigured").
--Primo genitus ("First-born I proceded").
--Ihesus ad Discipulos ("Jesus approached his disciples").
--O nata lux de lumine (O Splendor born of light").
--Antiphons: Visionem quam vidistes ("The vision you have seen")
Accessit Ihesus ("Jesus approached and touched them").
Ut testimonium haberet ("In order to have the testimony").
Lex per Moysen (" The Law was made known by Moses").
Descendentibus illis (When they were descending from the mountain").
Celi aperti sunt ("The skies opened above him")
Tribus discipulis (To three of his disciples").
--Claruit magnitudo Dei ("The grandeur of God").
--Hodie in monte ("Today on the mountain the Lord ascended").
--Discipuli Christi ("The disciples of Christ veiled").
--Sicut unius Dei Trinitas ("As the Trinity of One God").
--Videns Petrus ("Peter, seeing Moses and Elias").
--Ave stella matutina ("Hail, oh morning star").

III. Les Miracles de Saint Nicholas

--St. Nicholas and the Jew (liturgical drama).
--Statuit ei Dominus ("The Lord has concluded an alliance of peace").
--Inveni David ("I have found David My servant").
--Alleluia! Justus ut palma ("The just man will blossom").
--Veritas mea (My truth and My mercy will be with him").
--Semel juravi ("I have sworn it by My holiness").
--Et eius tumba ("From this tomb of marble").
--Copiose caritatis ("You who partakes with God").
--The Three Scholars (liturgical drama).

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