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Program: #02-16, Air Date: 04/22/02

We explore one of the key themes from the Utrecht Festival in 2001 music of medieval Iceland.

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the

 Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht 2001. It

 features Sverrir Guthjonsson and his ensemble


 This repertoire has been recorded on the Opus 111

 label, CD # 30-253. The music describes the arc of

 a day from sunrise to sunset.


 I. PROLOGUE: Lilja: god of all people.


 II. SEASONS: The cold east wind; Summer (Joy and sorrow);

        The long spring; Summer is passing; Now is the time for feasting.


 III. LOVE: The shining blue star; Together we stood in the field;

        Once I crossed the river Rhine; The maidens are walking south.


 IV. FAITH: Kyrie; My tongue be not reluctant; You may be good;

        Praise the Lord; The hermit; Agnus Dei.


 V. NATURE: Wicked world; It happened in the hamlet; The troll song;

        Once again nature is dying; An evening prayer.


 VI. DAWN OF MAN:  A solis ortus cardine; Thus spoke my mother;

        The son's lament; The journeys of the sun.


 VII. EPITAPH: Iceland; Ghost song; The raven; Epitaph.


 VIII. EPILOGUE: Sunset--God of all people.

Composer Info

Sverrir Guthjonsson.

CD Info

CD # 30-253.