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Program: #01-09, Air Date: 02/25/00

In honor of the new exhibit opening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, we present music from the time of Vermeer from a special recording project produced by Radio Nederland; many other musical and cultural events will be presented in conjunction with this exhibit.

NOTE: All of the music on this program is in
conjunction with the exhibit "Vermeer and the
Delft School" at the Metropolitan Museum of
Art in New York from March 8 through May 27,
2001. The recording Music in the Light of Vermeer
produced by Radio Nederlands is available
exclusively at the Museum; you may order it at:

Or by calling 1-800-468-7386.

I. From Music in the Light of Vermeer

Pieter-Jan Belder, harpsichord.

--SWEELINCK (1562-1621): Pseaume 90.
Netherlands Chamber Choir/Paul van Nevel, dir.

--JACOB van EIJCK (c.1590-1657): Preludium ofte Voorspel.
Marijke Miessen, recorder.

--ADRIANUS VALERIUS (c.1570-1625): Engels malsims.
Toyohiko Satoh, lute.

--SWEELINCK: Malle Symen.
Peter van Dijk, organ.

--CONSTANTIJN HUYGENS (1596-1687): Riposta dalla finestre.
Anne Grimm, soprano.

II. From Music in the Light of Vermeer

--JACOB van EIJCK: Bravade.
Heiko ter Schegget, recorder.

--NICOLAS VALLET (c.1585-c.1650): Carillon de village.
Toyohiko Satoh, lute.

--HUYGENS: De profundis clamavi.
Peter Kooij, bass.

--SWEELINCK: Mein junges Leben hat ein End.
Zvi Meniker, harpsichord.

III. From Early Music from the Netherlands, NM Classics CD 92101.
Trio de L'Oustal: Heiko ter Schegget, recorder/Mieneke van
der Velden, viola da gamba/Zvi Meniker, harpsichord.

--JACOB van EIJCK: Onder der Linde groene.

--SWEELINCK: Onder de Linde groen.

--JACOB van EIJCK: Doen Daphne d'overschoone Maeght.

--SWEELINCK: More palatino.

Composer Info

JAN PIETERSZOON SWEELINCK (1562-1621), JACOB van EIJCK (c.1590-1657), ADRIANUS VALERIUS (c.1570-1625), CONSTANTIJN HUYGENS (1596-1687), NICOLAS VALLET (c.1585-c.1650)

CD Info

CD 92101