Virgin Mary Part 1

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Program: #87-37   Air Date: Sep 13, 1987

NOTE: This classic show has recently been rescued and digitized from an ancient tape. The playlist below was originally typed or handwritten; if you notice any errors in our transcription, please let us know.

Preservation of this program is made possible by a generous grant from John Arntz.

  1. Alfonso, El Sabio (collection) : Aquel que de ve ontado (Tyler, lute) Cantigos (S2-2810)
  2. HILDEGARD VON BINGEN: ANTIPHONS: - Cum precessit; Cum embuerint; O frodens virgo; HYMN: Ave generosa; Sequence: O virgo ac diadema; Responsory: O quam pretiosa (Schola of St. Hildegard/Ritcher) (Psallite 212/040)
  3. ANON: Ave Maris Stella: 13c. Provencal: O Maria, dev maire (Boston Camerata/ Cohen) (H. 71315)
  4. ANON: motet: O Maria, maris stella (w/inst. CAM Ruhland) (SANT-9530/31-B) (voices only) (CAM/Ruhland) (Christophons SCGLX-75.891)
  5. LAUDARIO DI CORTONA: - O Virgo pulcherrima; O spes mia cara; Concordi laetitia; Laude novella sia cantata; Venite a laudare (Choir of the Papal Chapel of St. Francis/Ferraro) (96-139-169)
  6. Alfonso, El Sabio (Collection): Rosa das rosas; Maravillosos e piadosos (139) (de los Angeles, s/ Ars. Musicae / Gispert) (SL-36468)
  7. Alfonso, El Sabio: A Madre (184) (Studio der frühen Musik (Binkley) (1-C-063-30.108) 
  8. Alfonso, El Sabio: Santa Maria, strela do din (100) ; Dized ai trobadores (260) (Schola Cantorum Basel/Binkley) (IC-065-99.898)
  9. Alfonso, El Sabio: Virgen, Madre gloriosa (Ochoa, bentone) (HM-566)

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