Virgin Mary Part 2

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Program: #87-38   Air Date: Sep 20, 1987

NOTE: This classic show has recently been rescued and digitized from an ancient tape. The playlist below was originally typed or handwritten; if you notice any errors in our transcription, please let us know.

Preservation of this program is made possible by a generous grant from a Friend of Millennium of Music.

Plainchant Choir Capella Antiqua of Munich, Konrad Ruhland on HARMONIA MUNDI (HMG-901154):

  2. HERMANNUS CONTRACTOR (T1034): Alma Redemptoris MATER
  3. PETER ABELARD (attr.) (1079-1142): Mittit ad Virginem
  1. ST GODRIC (T 1170): Sainte Marie Viergene; Crist & ST. Marie (Hilliard Ens)
  2. ANON: Lulaly lullay (~1250); Gabriel from heven-king (~1250)
    Ar ne kuth ich sorge non (~1180); Edi be thu (~1280)
    (Noyse of Muitians/Hillier) (Plant Life PLR-043)
  3. ANON: Alleluia Virgo NATIVITAS (Worcester fragments ~1220);
    Kyrie Rex Virginium; Sanctus: Maria Mater; Agnus Dei: Factus Homo (~1270) (Hilliard Ens./Hillier) (HNC-901154)
  4. ANON: Mater ora filium (~1320); Stand wel mader under roode (1250);
    Gaudi Virgo Mater Christi (~1350); Mater Christi nobilis (~1350);
    Sintaxis laudis digna (~1350) (HMC 901154 and HMC-901106)
  5. ANON: There is No Rose of Swich Vertu (HMC-901106)
    POWER(~1445): Ave Regina (Hilliard Ens.) (1C-069-46.402).

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