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Program: #03-12, Air Date: 03/24/03

Andrew Carwood continues his brilliant series of the complete music of William Byrd with settings for the Feast of the Purification.

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the ongoing series
with The Cardinall's Musick directed by Andrew Carwood presenting
the complete music of William Byrd (c.1535/40--1623). The performing
editions and notes are by David Skinner, and the entire series, which
has been presented on this program, is on the ASV/Gaudeamus label
(Volume 8 is CD GAU 309), and may be ordered from Koch Entertainment:

from Cantiones Sacrae, 1589:
--Vigilate ("Keep watch, for you know not when the Lord of the house will come").
--In resurrectione tua ("At your resurrection, O Lord"--for Easter).
--Aspice Domine ("Look, O Lord, from your holy seat"--for Sundays in November).
--Ne iscaris ("Be not angry any more, O Lord").

from Propers from the Feast of the Purification:
--Antiphon: Senex puerum portabat ("The old man carried the boy").
--Processional: Adorna thalamum ("Adorn your bridal chamber, O Sion").
--Introit: Suscepimus ("We have received your mercy, O God").
--Gradual: Suscepimus.
--Alleluia: Senex puerum.
--Tract: Nunc dimittis ("Now, Lord, let your servant depart in peace.").
--Offertory: Diffusa est gratia ("Grace is poured from your lips").
--Communion: Responsorum accepit ("Simeon received an answer").
--Antiphon: Hodie beata Virgo ("Today the Blessed Virgin").
--Marian Antiphon: Ave regina caelorum ("Hail, Queen of Heaven").

from Cantiones Sacrae, 1589:
--O Quam gloriosum ("O how glorious is the kingdom of the saints"--for All Saints).
--Tribulationes civitatum ("We have heard of the tribulations").
--Domine secundum multitudinem ("O Lord, according to the multitude of sorrows").
--Laetentur caeli ("Let the heavens rejoice"--for Advent).

Composer Info

William Byrd (c.1535/40--1623)

CD Info

CD GAU 309.