Songs of Angels

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Program: #03-13, Air Date: 03/31/03

Former King's Singer Bill Ives now directs the Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford, and his latest recording celebrates Magdalen composers from 1480 and 1560.


NOTE: All of the music on this program comes from the
recording Songs of Angels featuring the Choir of Magdalen
College, Oxford directed by Bill Ives. The performing editions
and notes are by David Skinner.

The recording is on the Signum label, and is number SIGCD038.

--Anon.: Vespers Hymn: Collaudemus Magdalene lachrymae (Sarum chant).

--RICHARD DAVY (1463-1507): Stabat Mater.

--JOHN MASON (fl. 1st quarter 16th century): Quales sumus.

--JACQUET of MANTUA (1483-1559): Aspice, Domine.

--THOMAS PRESTON: (?c.1525-c.1563): Resurrexi (III)..

--THOMAS APPLEBY (fl.1537-1563): Magnificat (with Sarum Chant antiphon,
Inclita sancte Marie Magdalene

--THOMAS PRESTON: (?c.1525-c.1563): Offertory: Confessio et pulchritudo.

--JOHN SHEPPARD (c.1515-c.1560): Dum transisset sabbatum.
The Lord's Prayer.
Libera nos.

Composer Info

THOMAS APPLEBY (fl.1537-1563), JOHN SHEPPARD (c.1515-c.1560), THOMAS PRESTON: (?c.1525-c.1563), RICHARD DAVY (1463-1507), JACQUET of MANTUA (1483-1559), JOHN MASON (fl. 1st quarter 16th century),

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