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A 14th Century Salamagundi

Program: #20-48, Air Date: 11/16/20

Scott Metcalfe and Blue Heron are back with a release of music from the astounding 14th century.

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Blue Heron: Johannes Ockeghem

Program: #20-36, Air Date: 08/24/20

Scott Metcalfe returns to share his passion for Ockeghem and discusses the ongoing appeal of this titan of the Renaissance.

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Blue Heron: Cipriano de Rore

Program: #20-33, Air Date: 08/03/20

Scott Metcalfe of the superb Boston-based ensemble takes us through the remarkable first publication of madrigals by this Franco-Flemish composer who came to Italy.

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Blue Heron

Program: #19-02, Air Date: 12/31/18

The Cambridge-based ensemble brings us a program of Ockeghem and his contemporaries; our special guest is the ensemble’s conductor, Scott Metcalfe.

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