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Cipriano de Rore

Program: #13-39, Air Date: 09/23/13

Familiar as we are with the popular profane works by this Franco-Flemish composer, the fabulous Brabant Ensemble gives us a chance to hear his rarely recorded sacred music

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Jacobus Clemens non Papa–Missa pro defunctis

Program: #11-45, Air Date: 10/31/11

With new research, we know much more about Jacobus Clemens "non Papa" ("not the Pope")--and the newest from Stephen Rice and the Brabant Ensemble gives us some of his masterful work.

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Music from the Chirk Castle Part-Books

Program: #10-22, Air Date: 05/24/10

This disc (again with the Brabant Ensemble) presents a selection of works from the Chirk Castle part-books, a fascinating collection of devotional music from the Tudor period that remained hidden in the castle library for three hundred years.

The disc is on Hyperion and is CD number CDA67695.

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Pierre Moulu

Program: #10-21, Air Date: 05/17/10

We had a great response when Stephen Rice's Brabant Ensemble looked at the rarely-heard and almost unknown Dominique Phinot. This week, we look at their rediscovery of another lost master, Pierre Moulu.

Music from the Lowlands

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