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Christmas Across the Centuries

Program: #16-50, Air Date: 12/05/16

Some seasonal appropriate music from the middle ages through the renaissance, and then on to Baroque Malta!

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Jacobus Vaet

Program: #16-47, Air Date: 11/14/16

Another Lowlander who worked for Charles V, the four-CD recording of Vaet's sacred music featuring the Dufay Ensemble is finally available.

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The Sixteenth Century

Program: #14-42, Air Date: 10/13/14

Three new releases give us different perspectives on late 16th century music: from the motif of the earth trembling, to Freiburg Cathedral in 1594, to the always arresting Don Carlo Gesualdo.

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Amorosi pensieri

Program: #14-29, Air Date: 07/14/14

The latest from Cinquecento looks at songs for the Hapsburg Court, including rarely recorded composers like Jean Guyot and Jacobus Vaet.

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