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In Memoriam, 20 Years On

Program: #21-37, Air Date: 09/06/21

We presented an extensive set of memorial works after 9/11 in 2001; we remember 20 years later with Mozarabic chant, the Requiem of Simone de Bonefont, and New York Polyphony’s latest recording.

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Italy Around 1600—Sacred Edition

Program: #16-48, Air Date: 11/21/16

New sacred music recordings by the Marian Consort of works by Gesualdo, New York Polyphony performing Palestrina and Victoria, and some world-premiere recordings of music by Palestrina’s successor in Rome, Giovanni Mario Nanino.

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I Sing the Birth

Program: #13-01, Air Date: 12/31/12

It has been a rough year, especially in New York and environs--let's give the last word for the season to New York Polyphony, with music for the Twelve Days and the New Year.

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