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Peter Phillips & the Tallis Scholars, Part 4

Program: #21-27, Air Date: 06/28/21

On his final journey to us with the Tallis Scholars, Peter Phillips shares the final recordings in his extraordinary and award-winning Josquin cycle.

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Noel Bauldeweyn

Program: #18-10, Air Date: 02/26/18

A contemporary of Josquin, for years many of his works were attributed to the more famous composer; the Fra Bernardo label is back with world-premiere recordings of masses by this Franco-Flemish master.

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🔊 Three New Releases from Hyperion

Program: #02-08, Air Date: 02/25/02

Our series celebrating this fine ensemble continues with their latest release from the projected complete William Byrd edition.

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Ars Subtilior and Solage–The Transition from Late Medieval to the Renaissance

Program: #07-18 , Air Date: 04/23/07

The time after Machaut's death was marked by unusual complexities of rhythm, notation, and text called Ars Subtilior--a new disc by the Gothic Voices focuses on the shadowy figure of "Solage," active in French court circles in the 1380s. Not only are some of the pieces recorded of the first time, this disc adds ten works never before attributed to the oeuvre of Solage on stylistic grounds.

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