A Rose Ensemble Christmas

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Program: #07-51   Air Date: Dec 10, 2007

This Twin Cities-based group directed by Jordan Sramek has presented a number of Christmas-themed programs--we'll sample music from Poland, Bohemia, Spain, and Mexico.

NOTE: All of the music on this program is performed by The Rose Ensemble directed by Jordan Sramek. For information about the ensemble and for more details about their recordings, you may check their web site:


Founded in 1996 by Artistic Director Jordan Sramek, The Rose Ensemble has built a diverse and enthusiastic audience with scrupulously researched and imaginative presentations of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music. Additionally, the Ensemble commissions contemporary composers to write new works that complement and illuminate ancient texts and themes. By combining musical performance with poems, stories and legends, The Rose Ensemble creates a beautiful and entertaining style of programming. The Rose Ensemble maintains an active national touring schedule filled with performances and educational programs, and the group made its European debut last season, performing in Tours, France, and at the Tage Alter Musik Festival in Regensburg, Germany. The group has also enjoyed a prestigious Artist Residency at The Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis since 1997.

I. Slavic Holiday--Legends from Ancient Czechosolvakia and PolandMysteries of the Birth of Christ

Poslan jest od Boha andel Anon. 16th c. Czech
Magnificat Jan Sixt z Lerchenfelsu, d. 1629 (Polish)
Dies est Laetitiae Anon. 14th c. Czech
Stala se jest vec divna Anon. 15th c. Czech
De Nativitate Domino Anon. 15th c. Czech

Saint Wenceslaus: "The Duke: and Patron Saint of the Czech Lands

Svaty Vaclave Anon. 12th c. Czech
Dulce Melos Domaslaus, ca. 13th c. (Czech)
Salve pater optime Anon. 15th c. Czech
Decet huius conctis horis Jan z Jenstejna, written ca. 1350-1400 (Czech)

II. Fire of the Soul--Choral Virtuosity in 17th century Russia & Poland


--MIKOLAJ ZIELENSKI (c. 1550-after 1616): Magnificat.

--VASILY TITOV (c.1650-c.1715): Dostoyno yest', yako voistinnu ("Rejoice, O Virgin Mary").

III. Celebremos el Niño: Christmas Delights from the Mexican Baroque


1. Convidando esta la noche (Juguete y Guaracha a 5) Juan García de Zéspedes (ca. 1619-1678)

2. Atención, atención (Villancico a 5 de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe año de 1698) Antonio de Salazar
(ca. 1650-1715)

3. Los que fueren de buen gusto (Xácara a 3 con acompañamiento) Francisco de Vidales
(d. 1702)

4. Serenissima una noche (a 4 voces) Fray Gerónimo Gonzáles (fl. 1600)

5. A siolo flasiquiyo (Negrilla a 4 con acompañamiento y a 6) Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (ca. 1590-1664)

6. Al dormir el sol (a 2 con acompañamiento) Sebastián Durón (1660-1716)

And, below is a short note Jordan Sramek wrote us about this program and his interest in early music:

I’m not sure if I ever told you this (perhaps I did), but your show really did inspire me to become a musician. I’m not making this up. I listened diligently to your program while I was studying at St. Scholastica in Duluth and it made an indelible impression on me. How wonderful that you would feature Rose Ensemble music on your program. I am so incredibly flattered and honored.

Composer Info

MIKOLAJ ZIELENSKI (c. 1550-after 1616), VASILY TITOV (c.1650-c.1715), Juan García de Zéspedes (ca. 1619-1678), Antonio de Salazar (ca. 1650-1715), Francisco de Vidales (d. 1702), Fray Gerónimo Gonzáles (fl. 1600), Gutiérrez de Padilla (ca. 1590-1664), Sebastián Durón (1660-1716)

Note: The contact information in this episode may be out-of-date. You can contact us at this current link.