When Augustus Reigned

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Program: #07-52   Air Date: Dec 17, 2007

Back to the Cappella Romana, with their celebration of Christmas music in the Byzantine tradition.

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the performances featuring the Cappella Romana directed by Alexander Lingas. For more information on this group, including past recordings and history, you may visit their web site at:


I. When Augustus Reigned--Christmas Music from the Byzantine Tradition (GR 502CD)

--Kontakion for the Forefeast of Christmas ("Today the Virgin comes to the cave to give birth").

--JOHN the Monk: Four Christmas Idiomela:

"Glory to God in the highest--I hear today from Bethlehem"
"Today Christ is born of the Virgin"
"The Magi, Kings of Persia..knew the heavenly King wast born on earth"
"Glory to God in the highest--Today Bethlehem receives Him"

--St. KOSMAS the MELODIST: First Ode for the Kanon of Christmas ("Christ is born, give ye glory")

--Three Christmas Hymns:
--Apolytikon ("The nativity, I Christ our Lord")
--Megalynarion (Magnify her, O my soul")
--Christ is born, glorify Him!

--"As many of you as have been baptized"

--Alleluiarion for Christmas Day ("The heavens declare the glory of God")

--Cherubic Hymn ("We who mystically represent the Cherubim").

--Megalynarion for Theophany (Magnify her, O my soul")

--Communion Verse ("The grace of God that brings salvation to all people has appeared").

--KASIA the Nun: "When Augustus reigned upon the earth"

II. Byzantium in Rome--Medieval Byzantine Chant from Grottaferrata

--St. ROMANOS the Melodist: Kontakion for St. Bartholomew (to "Today the Virgin")

Composer Info

JOHN the Monk, St. KOSMAS the MELODIST, KASIA the Nun, St. ROMANOS the Melodist

CD Info

GR 502CD,

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