Evolution of the Baroque Part 2

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Program: #87-32   Air Date: Aug 09, 1987

NOTE: This classic show has recently been rescued and digitized from an ancient tape. The playlist below was originally typed or handwritten; if you notice any errors in our transcription, please let us know.

Preservation of this program is made possible by a generous grant from a Friend of Millennium of Music.

Intro: FRESCOBALDI: Toccata per Spinetto e Violino (Rome, 1628) (Fiori Musicali: T65-202)

  1. JOSQUIN DES PREZ (1440-1527): De Profundis a 4 (EMC of London/Munrow)
  2. JOSQUIN DES PREZ: Absalon fili mi a 4 (Hilliard Ens. / Hillier) (S-38040)
  3. ADRIAN WILLAERT (~1480/90 - 1562): O Domine Jesu Christe; Ricercare (Vocal Ens. of Brussels/Ens. Polyphon / Koenig) (STU-70402).
  4. CYPRIANO DE RORE (1516-1565): Anchor che col partire; Crudele acerba, inesorabil morte (Hilliard Ens. / Hillier) (HM-1107).
  5. LUCA MARENZIO (1553-1599): Scaldavo il sol (Boston Camerata / Cohen) (STU-1545). O Voi che sospirate (Consort of Musicke / Kevin Smith / Rooley) (DSLO 203/6).
  6. POMPONIO NENNA (~1555 - ~1615): LASSO Ch'io moro (Book VIII); Recercare a 2 (Accademia Monteverdiana / Jaye Consort of Voices / Stevens) (H-71277)
  7. DON CARLO GESUALDO (1560-1613): Canzone francese, Mille volte il dio mono (6th book 1611) (Consort of Musicke / Rooley) (DSLO -202/6)
  8. DON CARLO GESUALDO (1560-1613): Ave Dulcissima Maria (Eng. Bar. Soloists / Mont Choir / Gardiner) (NUM-75172)
  9. JOAN AMBROSIO DALZA (fl. 1508-): Pavana alla veneziana, Saltarello Piva (NY Pro Musica / White) (DL. 79435).
  10. JOAN AMBROSIO DALZA (fl. 1508-): Passo e mezzo (Waverly Consort) (M-36664)

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