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Program: #00-39   Air Date: Aug 08, 2000

NOTE: All of the recordings on this program are from the Gioia Antiqua collaboration from Qualiton Distribution. You may find them at [which you may access through the Millennium of Music site under music:classical: Millennium of Music], or at a Borders Books and Recordings near you.

I. "Die Himmel lacht! Die Erde jubilieret"--Music for Four Trumpets,
    Timpani and Organ (Pfeiffer-Trompeten-Consort).
    Cantate CD C-58011.

 --GILES FARNABY: His Humour; Giles Farnaby's Dreame.

 II. Christoph Demantius: German St. John Passion. (KammerChor
    Saarbruecken/Georg Gruen, dir.). Christophorus CD CHR-77229.

 --CHRISTOPH DEMANTIUS: Und die Moses in der Wuesten
    (John 3, 14-15).

 III. Early Polish Masses (Il Canto). CD Accord 011 304-2.

 --MARCIN MIELCZEWSKI: Missa Super O Gloriosa Domina:
        Introit; Kyrie; Gloria.

 IV. TOTA VITA: Music for Charles V. (Egidius Kwartet/Maria
    Luz Alvarez, voice). ET'CETERA CD KTC 1239.

 --CORNELIUS CANIS: Tota vita.

 V. Francisco Guerrero: Vespers for All Saints--Missa pro defunctis.
    (Chapelle du Roi/Alistair Dixon).  Signum CD SIGCD017.

 --FRANCISCO GUERRERO: O Domine Jesu Christe.

 VI. Canticum Canticorum: Song of Songs. (Orchestra of the
    Renaissance/Richard Cheetham). Glossa CD GCD 921403.

 --ANTOINE de FEVIN: Vulnerasti cor meum.

 VII. Middle Ages Music.  (Trinity Baroque/Julian Podger, dir./
    The Forbury Consort/Alan Crumpler, dir./The Holbein Consort/
    Martin Pope, dir.). Griffin CD GCCD 4001.

 --Anon.: Deo Gracia Anglia (The Agincourt Carol).
 --Anon. (from The Glogauer Liederbuch): Die Katzenpfote.

 VIII. El Camino de Santiago. (Consort Fontenegra).
    Dynamic CD S 2026.

 --Anon. (from the Libre Vermell): Stella splendens.

 IX. TRIPLICITE 1350-1450. (Zorgina Vocal Ensemble).
    Raumklang CD RK 9905.

 --Anon.: Absence of you causeth me to sigh.
 --ROBERT COOPER: Farewell my joy.

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CD C-58011, CD CHR-77229, CD Accord 011 304-2, CD KTC 1239, CD SIGCD017, CD GCD 921403, CD GCCD 4001, CD S 2026, CD RK 9905.

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