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🔊 Gioia Antiqua

Program: #00-39, Air Date: 08/08/00

NOTE: All of the recordings on this program are from the Gioia Antiqua collaboration from Qualiton Distribution. You may find them at [which you may access through the Millennium of Music site under music:classical: Millennium of Music], or at a Borders Books and Recordings near you.

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The Time of Conflict

Program: #14-45, Air Date: 11/03/14

After coming to Munich, Lassus’ life was at first comfortable and merry; the latest from the Egidius Kwartet looks at the first difficult times for the composer and his formerly supportive patron.

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🔊 The Songbook of Hieronymous Lauweryn van Watervliet

Program: #04-08, Air Date: 02/16/04

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from a recording made of the concert by the Egidius Kwartet from the 2003 Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht.

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🔊 Gheerkin de Hondt

Program: #06-42, Air Date: 10/09/06

While born in Delft, this almost-unknown composer spent his formative creative years in Bruges. Among the rarities on this disc are his setting of a mass for St. Cecelia (patron saint of music), and notably the birth date of his famous predecessor at Bruges, Jacob Obrecht.

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