Hildegard von Bingen: The Origin of Fire

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Program: #04-37, Air Date: 09/06/04

NOTE: We return with our new season to present a mixed blessing--the new recording by the ensemble Anonymous 4 is dedicated to Hildegard von Bingen--but time with the ladies talking about why, after 18 glorious years, they have decided to disband as an ensemble.

The recording is on Harmonia Mundi, and is CD HMU 907327.
All the works are by HILDEGARD von BINGEN (1098-1179) unless otherwise noted.
--HRABANUS MAURUS (d.856): Hymn Veni creator spiritus ("Come, creator spirit").
--Anon. 11th c. Swiss, after NOTKER of St. Gall (9th c.): Sequence Veni spiritus eternorum ("Come, kind spirit of the ages").

--Antiphon O quam mirabilis est ("O how marvelous is the foreknowing").

--Vision 1 The fire of creation ("And I--a human being neither afire in my form").

--Sequence O ignis spiritus paracliti ("O spirit of fire, bringer of comfort").

--Vision 2 Wisdom and her sisters ("I am Love, the light of the Living God").

--Responsory O felix anima ("O happy soul, you whose body came from the earth").

--Vision 3 The fiery spirit ("And again I heard a voice from heaven instructing me").

--Hymn O ignee spiritus ("O fiery spirit, praise be to you").

--Vision 4 Love ("I saw...the most beautiful girl with her face so aglow with a splendid brightness that I could not really see it").

--Antiphon Caritas habundat in omnia ("Love flows richly into all things").

--Antiphon O eterne deus (O eternal God, now may it please you to burn so with love").

--Anon. Frankish, 9th c.: Hymn Beata nobis gaudia ("The circle of days brings blessed joys to us again").


Composer Info

HILDEGARD von BINGEN (1098-1179), HRABANUS MAURUS (d.856),

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CD HMU 907327