Medieval Iceland, Part 2 –Ancient Religious Chant from Iceland

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Program: #02-25   Air Date: Jun 24, 2002

Continuing one of the themes from the Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht 2001, we'll hear the ensemble Voces Thule recreate the earliest through-composed liturgy for an Icelandic Saint--the service for St. Thorlak.

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the

 Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht 2001, and

 features the ensemble Voces Thules. For information

 on the 2002 festival, travel to the Netherlands, and

 Dutch cultural events, you may find the Board of Tourism:


 I.  Office of St. Thorlak (c. 1400): Adest festum; O pastor Hyslandiae.


 II. Office of St. Nicholas (c. 1430): Kyrie, Gloria.


 III. Office of St. Thorlak: Alleluia.


 IV. Jon Thorlaksson of Munkathvera MS (1473): Credo.


 V.  Anon. (12th c.): O beata Cecilia.


 VI. Anon. (17th c.): Sanctus.


 VII. Jan Thorlaksson MS: Agnus Dei; Lord, Our Father.


 VIII. Anon. "Quint Song" (in fifths): Integer vitae.


 IX. Anon. "Rimur" (Medieval sacred/secular dance form): Quia sumus homines;

                Spread my wings.


 X.  Anon. "Vikivaki" (ancient Scaldic dance form): Ceciliu minni; Vera matt godur.


 XI: Anon.: Trollaslagur.

Composer Info

Jon Thorlaksson of Munkathvera MS (1473)

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