Missa diversi toni: The Flemish Hegemony

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Program: #04-04   Air Date: Jan 19, 2004

NOTE: All of the music on this program was recorded live at the 2003 Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht. It features the Capella Currende and Concerto Palatino directed by Erik van Nevel, who argues that composers of the Lowlands defined European music in the Renaissance.

This concert is of late sacred music by De Monte and Lassus, the composers who end the era of what Eric van Nevel calls "The Flemish Hegemony". The program is supported in part by Radio Nederland and the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington, D.C.

CIPRIANO de RORE (1515-1565): Anchor che col partrire.

PHILIPPE de MONTE (1521-1603): Missa Anchor che col partrire: Kyrie.
Missa Cara la Vita mia: Gloria.

ROLAND de LASSUS: (1532-1594): Salve regina.

PHILIPPE de MONTE: Missa Si ambulavero: Sanctus & Benedictus.
Missa Confitebor tibi: Agnus Dei.

LASSUS: Confitebor tibi.

PHILIPPE de MONTE: Advenit ignis divinis; Benedictio et Claritas.

LASSUS: Quid vulgo memorant.

PHILIPPE de MONTE: Missa pro Defunctis: Introit; Agnus Dei; Lux Aeterna.
Usquequo Domine.

Composer Info

CIPRIANO de RORE (1515-1565), ROLAND de LASSUS: (1532-1594), PHILIPPE de MONTE (1521-1603),

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