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UTRECHT 2000: Charles V and England

Program: #00-41, Air Date: 09/01/00

NOTE: All of the music on this program comes
from the Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht.
For information about music from Festival 2000,
travel to Festival 2001, about other musical and cultural
events in the Netherlands, or tourism in Holland, you
may reach the Netherlands Board of Tourism at:
All of the performances on this concert are by the
ensemble Chapelle du Roi directed by Alistair Dixon.
You may find out more about the life of Charles V at:

Music in Switzerland: Two Humanist Songbooks

Program: #00-37, Air Date: 08/03/00

NOTE: Our series on Switzerland is made possible in part by a grant from PRS--Presence Switzerland; with additional support from Swiss Radio International, Swiitzerland Tourism, and the Embassy of Switzerland in Washington, D.C. For information on Swiss culture and tourism, Swiss music festivals, and Swiss events
in you area, you may contact the Embassy's web site at:
The two recordings on this program are part of the Musikszene
Schweiz project, and are not generally available in America.

Monteverdi at Utrecht, Part I

Program: #01-20, Air Date: 05/14/01

As part of an extraordinary series of concerts at the 2000 Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht, a variety of ensembles performed the complete "Selve Morale e Spirituale" of Claudio Monteverdi; for the composer's birthday month, we'll hear some of these great sacred settings.

Roland de Lassus: Prophetae Sibyllarum and Christmas Motets

Program: #10-52, Air Date: 12/20/10

The ensemble Weser-Renaissance under Manfred Cordes gives us a rich tapestry of Advent and Christmas music from this renaissance master.

Lassus, Continued

Program: #16-05, Air Date: 01/25/16

We have done more programs on this composer than any other; this week, the amazing Prophesies of the Sibyls, and the latest from the ongoing musical biography from Wallonie.

Christmas in the Lowlands

Program: #03-50, Air Date: 12/15/03

For 150 years composers of the Lowlands defined European music--we'll hear some of the greatest Christmas motets from Dufay to Lassus.

Lassus: A Musical Biography, Volume IV

Program: #15-11, Air Date: 03/09/15

This time, the Odhecaton Ensemble continues their study of the composer’s life with his late years.

The Time of Conflict

Program: #14-45, Air Date: 11/03/14

After coming to Munich, Lassus’ life was at first comfortable and merry; the latest from the Egidius Kwartet looks at the first difficult times for the composer and his formerly supportive patron.

The Sixteenth Century

Program: #14-42, Air Date: 10/13/14

Three new releases give us different perspectives on late 16th century music: from the motif of the earth trembling, to Freiburg Cathedral in 1594, to the always arresting Don Carlo Gesualdo.

Missa diversi toni: The Flemish Hegemony

Program: #04-04, Air Date: 01/19/04

NOTE: All of the music on this program was recorded live at the 2003 Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht. It features the Capella Currende and Concerto Palatino directed by Erik van Nevel, who argues that composers of the Lowlands defined European music in the Renaissance.