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Lassus: The Song of Songs

Program: #05-46, Air Date: 11/07/05

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the recent release of music of Roland de Lassus with the Cardinall's Musick directed by Andrew Carwood on the ASV Gaudeamus label, CD # GAU 310.

Quattro Stagioni & Grex Vocalis

Program: #09-01, Air Date: 01/04/09

After we received all the recordings by this excellent ensemble, we decided to showcase their artistry with more of their performances; we also hear more Christmas music with the Norwegian ensemble Grex Vocalis.

Sacred Lassus I: Missa pro defunctis

Program: #09-13, Air Date: 03/23/09

Our longest single-composer series--over 50 hours of chronological material--was dedicated to the genius from Mons, Roland de Lassus, (also known as Orlando di Lasso and Orlandus Lassus). We begin our three-part series on his scared music with his setting of the Requiem Mass.

Sacred Lassus II: Canciones Sacrae

Program: #09-14, Air Date: 03/30/09

The Cantiones Sacrae are the swansong of one of the masters of the motet, crowning his life’s work. In them Orlandus Lassus deploys with sovereign ease the essence of his art, which distinguishes him from, say, his contemporary Palestrina: the complex technique of vocal polyphony is employed in order to espouse the nuances of the text as closely as possible. In other words, here we have the ideal balance between ‘head’ and ‘heart’, the recurrent feature of most of the greatest masterpieces.

Sacred Lassus III: Holy Week and the Lamentations of Jeremiah

Program: #09-15, Air Date: 04/06/09

As we enter the 30th anniversary season of Millennium of Music, we share the great Holy Week writings of Lassus.

Ronsard and the Lowlands

Program: #09-16, Air Date: 04/13/09

The Dutch ensemble Egidius Kwartet looks at the lasting influence of Ronsard's verse on the Franco-Flemish school, including Lassus, Regnart, and Arcadelt.