Three Sacred Releases

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Program: #94-26   Air Date: Jun 27, 1994

Preservation of this program is made possible by a generous grant in honor of Fr. Dmitri Crosby.

I. The Mystery of Santo Domingo de Silos. (Monk of the Abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos/Dom Ismael Fernadez de la Cuesta). DG CD 445.399.

The Mystery of Santo Domingo de Silos Product Image
From Amazon: The musical perfection of the recorded legacy of the Abbey of Saint-Pierre de Solesmes aside (and what a legacy - and how impossible to set it aside!), for me this is the 'ultimate' recording of liturgical chant. So much recommends the recordings of Solesmes - the exquisite singing, especially of that one anonymous tenor voice which alone seems to create the 'sound' of the entire schola!- the aristocratic liturgical taste of Dom Gajard, and now Dom Jean Claire, the genuine poverty of the monastic life at Solesmes (I've stayed there and seen it). While Solesmes pursues the vast body of Gregorian chant, here the monks sing chant from an earlier age, so-called Visigothic (Mozarabic) chant, not much heard before the liturgical relaxations subsequent to the Vatican Council II. These monodic melodies of Spain's Arabic past possess not only a musical beauty, but allow us to hear Roman chant in a fresh light. While the Kyriale included in here may more exactly be called neo-Mozarabic, the main selections come from the period prior to Roman codification under Gregory, Spanish in heart, and universal in beauty: the remarkable 'Introibo ad altare Dei mei', various Antiphons and Prayers intrinsic to an older national liturgical ideal usurped by Gregorian legislation, culminating in the otherworldly 'Lamentation of Jeremiah', sung by a single voice, which once heard will never leave you. The disc is recorded in the great Romanesque Abbey church, with an acoustic richly suited to the sung prayer of glad monks. If you love liturgical chant, get this treasure and enter an enriching path of consuming fire. 


II. From Gregorian to Poulenc (Chorale St. Yves/Polyphonic Ensemble de Versailles). Esouloun 1004.

Image result for chorale st. yves polyphonic ensemble of versailles"
“Maundy Thursday”:
 1. Tristis Est Anima Mea - Gregorien
 2. Tristis Est Mea - Roland de Lassus
3. Tristis Est Anima Mea - Francis Poulenc
4. Una Hora - Tomas Luis da Victoria. 
“Vendredi Saint - Good Friday” 
5. Tenebrae Factae Sunt - Gregorien
6. Tenebrae Factae Sunt - Tomas Luis da Victoria
7. Tenebrae Factae Sunt - Francis Poulenc
8. Vinea Mea Electa - Francis Poulenc
9. Popule Meus - Thomas Luis Da Victoria. 
“Samedi Saint - Holy Saturday”
10. O Vos Omnes - Gregorien
11. O Vos Omnes - Tomas Luis da Victoria
12. Plange Quasi Virgo - Marco Antonio Ingegneri
13. Jerusalem, Surge - Marco Antonio Ingegneri. 

III. The Festo of the Orthodox Liturgical Year Volume I  (The Ural Choir/Vladislav Novik). Chant du Monde CD 288.076.

 Image result for orthodox ural choir spasso"
   1. Honor, My Soul, The Venerable Cross
  2. Sticherion of the Feast
  3. Hymn to the Virgin 'Honour, my soul, the glorious Nativity'
  4. I shall receive the chalice of salvation
  5. Honour, my soul. Troparion 'Lord save thy people'
  6. Kondakion, 'Thou, who willingly let Thyself be crucified'
  7. Sticheron 'Come, ye faithful'
  8. Heirmos of Ode 9, Canon of Matins of Great Saturday
  9. Lord, save the righteous
  10. Honour, my soul. Troparion 'This day has come to pass the transfiguration'
  11. Sticheron 'Shine, day of Joy'
  12. Hymn to the Virgin
  13. Open unto us the door of pity
  14. God is with us
  15. Thy Nativity, Lord
  16. Kondakion 'This day, the Virgin brings forth the Creator'
  17. Glory To God
  18. Hymn to the Virgin
  19. The waves of the sea
  20. This day, John baptizes the Lord. Troparion 'Unto Thee, Lord'
  21. Today Thou Hast Appeared
  22. Sticheron 'Come, let us emulate the wise virgins'
  23. Hymn to the Virgin 'Honour, my soul, the Sovereign of the heavenly host'
  24. The Lord Is My Light
  25. When Israel went out of Egypt
  26. Venerable Simeon. Troparion 'Rejoice, blessed Virgin Mary'
  27. According The Promise
  28. Hymn to the Virgin 'Virgin and Mother of God'

  29. Lord now lettest thou

Composer Info

Roland de Lassus, Francis Poulenc, Tomas Luis da Victoria, Marco Antonio Ingegneri

CD Info

DG CD 445.399, Esouloun 1004, Chant du Monde CD 288.076

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