Music for Valentine’s Day, Part 1

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Program: #13-06   Air Date: Feb 04, 2013

Recordings of Medieval love songs from Germany, France, and the Mediterranean basin by Drew Minter, Diabolus in Musica, and the ensemble Constantinople.

I. A Wind Blows from the East: Four German Medieval Tales (Drew Minter, voice & medieval harps). Bridge CD 9372.

A Wind Blows from the East: Four German Medieval Tales

To find out more about Drew and his ensemble Trefoil:


1. NEIDHART von REUENTAL (c.1180-c.1250): Blozen wir anger ligen sahen ("We saw the filed lying bare until fair Spring drew near")

2. OSWALD von WOLKENSTEIN (1377-1445): Es seusst dorther von Orient ("A wind blows from the Orient").


II. Rose tres bele: Chansons et polyphonies des Dames trouvères (Diablous in Musica/Antoine Guerber, director). Alpha CD 156.

Rose tres bele: Chansons & polyphonies des Dames trouvères

For more on this ensemble:

1. Anon.: Las, las, las ("Alas, alas, alas, what shall I do?").

2. RICHARD de FOURNIVAL (1201-c.1260): Onques n'aimai ("Never did I love as much as I was loved").

3. Anon. Soufres, maris ("Be patient, husband, and by your leave I'll be yours tomorrow").

4. JEHAN de LESCUREL (?c.1250-1304): Toy servir en humilite ("To serve you humbly").

5. Anon.: Amis, Amis ("Friend, friend, too long you leave me in a foreign land").


III. Ay! Amor: Songs of love and songs of women from the greater Mediterranean basin (Constantinople Ensemble/Françoise Atlan, voice). Atma CD ACD2 2594.

For more information about this Canadian ensemble:


1. Anon. 2nd century Greek fragment: Hawa

2. Anon. Arabo-Andalusian: Où est la demeure de l'Ami? ("Oh this beautiful, magnificent garden").

3. Anon. Judeo-Yemenite: Shamaim ("Your footsteps in the sand and mine in the sky").

Composer Info

NEIDHART von REUENTAL (c.1180-c.1250), OSWALD von WOLKENSTEIN (1377-1445), RICHARD de FOURNIVAL (1201-c.1260),

CD Info

Bridge CD 9372, Alpha CD 156, Atma CD ACD2 2594,