Remember me my deir

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Program: #14-23   Air Date: Jun 02, 2014

The Fires of Love Ensemble traces the musicians who followed Scotland’s King James VI as he became King of England after the death of Elizabeth.

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the ensemble Fires of Love on the Edinburgh-based label Delphian, and is recording DCD34129. For more information about this label:

Remember Me My Deir - Jacobean Songs of Love and Loss

Scotland’s troubadours Fires of Love follow King James VI on a varied journey through song and instrumental music. In the sixteenth century Scotland appeared outwardly to be musically bruised – not necessarily so … As our musicians deftly weave their way through Scotland’s rich tapestry of historic manuscripts, they unveil attractive unsophisticated melodies, often heavily imbued with the French style.

On their arrival in London, James and his musicians would have been taken aback by the highly active theatre scene. Shakespeare’s texts give rise to compelling settings, from the plaintive And will he not come again, poignantly rendered here by Frances Cooper, to the risqué joviality of St Valentine’s Day.

As the Scots courtier-musicians nimbly traded French influence for London’s ‘Englished’ Italian style, one wonders: did they regretfully look homewards – Remember me my deir?
Based in Scotland, Fires of Love has been performing in venues and festivals around Britain since 1998. The repertoire centres on lute and guitar songs, set amongst instrumental ensembles, solos, recent discoveries and the group’s own arrangements. The music spans the breadth of Europe and Instruments include lutes, archlute, theorbo, vihuela, baroque guitar, fourcourse guitar, recorders and percussion.

1 And will he not come again
2 Canaries [Straloch MS]
3 A Scots Tune (untitled) [Rowallan MS]
4 Rest, sweet nymphs Francis Pilkington
5 St Valentine’s Day
6 Grein greus ye rasses, a Daunce [Straloch MS]
7 Go from my window [Folger Dowland MS]
8 Gypsies Lilt [Rowallan MS]
9 O sweet Oliver – My bonny lass (‘Sellinger’s Round’)
10 In throu the windoes of myn ees (Alexander Montgomerie)
11 A Port [Straloch MS]
12 Remember me, my deir
13 The Queen’s Treble John Johnson
14 When Laura smiles Philip Rosseter
15 A Scots Tune (untitled) [Jane Pickeringe MS]
16 Adeu, O desie of delyt Andrew Blackhall
17 How should I your true love know
18 Bonny sweet Robin
19 Ane Scottis Dance [Rowallan MS]
20 The cypress curtain of the night Thomas Campion
21 I long for thy virginite [Straloch MS]
22 Quhat mightie motione
23 The Scottish Huntsupe [Jane Pickeringe MS]
24 Pavane (Passamezzo) and Gagliarda [Braye MS]
25 And will he not come again[John Sturt MS]

The music for all tracks is anonymous except where indicated

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