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Program: #04-17   Air Date: Apr 19, 2004

With the current interest in the story of Christ's Passion rekindled by the recent popular film, we examined over three weeks how the story was told during the first twelve centuries of Christianity.

Part III: The Passion in the Early Mediaeval Church

--Elevation of the Cross (Latin and Greek).
--Improperia: Popule meus (The "Reproaches" of Jesus) [Schola Hungarica/Janka Szendrei & Laszlo Dobsay, directors].
Hungaroton CD HCD 32014.

--Planctus Beatae Mariae Virginis (Lament of the Virgin Mary). [Irena Troupova-Wilke, s./ Schola Gregoriana/David Eben, dir.].
Supraphon CD 11 1562-2.

--Stabat Mater dolorosa [Choir of the Benedictine Nuns of the
Abbey of Saint-Michel de Kergonan/Chanoine Jeanneteau, dir.].
BMG/Jade CD 7432157681-2.

--Stabat Mater dolorosa (Corsican tradition) [A Cumpagnia Ensemble]. K.617 CD 107/2.

--Sticharion from Good Friday at Vespers (Slavonic Liturgy) [Choir of the Benedictine Abbey de l'Union, Chevetogne/Dom Gregoire Bainbridge; rec. 1965]
Harmonia Mundi CD HMA 190567.

--Crucifixio Ihesu Christi Domini Nostri Mysterium Crucis; Mors Ihesu Christi Domini (Cividale Manuscript). [Clemencic Consort/Rene Clemencic]
Nuovo Era CD 7054.

CD Info

Hungaroton CD HCD 32014, Nuovo Era CD 7054, Harmonia Mundi CD HMA 190567, K.617 CD 107/2, BMG/Jade CD 7432157681-2, Supraphon CD 11 1562-2,

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