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Jacob Obrecht: The Secular Works

Program: #06-44, Air Date: 10/23/06

While most of the secular works by the great Obrecht are lost or fragmentary, the Camerata Trajectina has put together a massive project to reconstruct these once immensely popular pieces.

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The Antwerp Songbook, 1544, Part 1: A through H

Program: #06-11, Air Date: 03/01/06

One of the defining musical publications of the high Renaissance, Jan Rollins amazing publication gave us the first printed version of 221 secular songs, a kind of folk song-cum-"fake book" that is an amazing window into late medieval music.

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Van Varen en Vechten

Program: #10-39, Air Date: 09/20/10

Which means "of sailing and fighting," gives the recent effort from our Dutch friends the Camerata Trajectina a good jumping off point for a program of sea shanties of the Dutch East India Company.

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