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Program: #22-03, Air Date: 01/17/22

Katarina Livljanic and the Dialogos Ensemble’s latest project gives us a tale of “Demons and Miracles from Winchester around 1000,” dedicated to the 9th century Anglo-Saxon St. Swithun, this week.

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Barlaam & Josaphat

Program: #19-37, Air Date: 09/02/19

The endlessly inventive ensemble Dialogos and leader Karatina Livljanic have found a medieval saint’s tale that is a retelling of the life of the Buddha in Christian form; this amazing work has finally been recorded.

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The Liturgy in Rome

Program: #07-11, Air Date: 03/05/07

Because of its centrality and continuity, the early liturgy of the Roman Christians is perhaps the earliest we can reconstruct-- we'll hear some examples.

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Cantilena Metensis

Program: #07-12, Air Date: 03/12/07

Metz was the capital city of the Frankish kingdom, and the ancestor of the Carolingians was St. Arnulf, who became Bishop there after the death of his wife, and whose son married the daughter of Pepin I. It was the firs place Roman cantors taught Frankish cantors, and we hear an extremely rare reconstruction of this early liturgy (what we call "Gregorian Chant" was perhaps first called "Messine," from Metz).

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