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🔊 Le Champion des Dames

Program: #05-42, Air Date: 10/10/05

NOTE: Martin le Franc's Le Champion des Dames, presented to Duke Philippe of Burgundy in 1442, was the apotheosis of a vast debate in the late middle ages over the role and nature of women. Marcelo Ohara, director of the ensemble Continens Paradisi writes: "(Le Franc) organized his work as a great contradictory trial with prosecution and defence, and, of course, a final verdict in favour of the female sex; it is an enthusiastic rhetorical tour de force in which all his knowledge of the bar is deployed in the service of poetry."

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Jordi Savall: Pro Pacem

Program: #14-07, Air Date: 02/10/14

NOTE: All of the music on these three programs came from the boxed set featuring: La Capella Reial de Catalunya and Hespèrion XXI directed by Jordi Savall. This recording is on Alia Vox and the U.S. distributor is Harmonia Mundi USA.

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Gilles Binchois: L’Argument de BeautĂ©

Program: #11-16, Air Date: 04/11/11

The brilliant ensemble Discantus directed by Brigitte Lesne celebrates the 15th century Chaplain to the Duke of Burgundy.

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The Borgia Dynasty, Part 3: Church and Power in the Renaissance

Program: #11-19, Air Date: 05/02/11

We conclude our look at Jordi Savall's Grammy-award winning disc dedicated to the rise of the Borgia family.

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