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🔊 Love’s Illusion & Officium

Program: #94-35, Air Date: 09/26/94

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🔊 Two Medieval Recordings

Program: #94-41, Air Date: 10/23/94

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The Hilliard Ensemble: Nicholas Gombert

Program: #06-09, Air Date: 02/20/06

The favorite composer of Charles V is given masterful treatment in this premiere national broadcast of the Hilliard Ensembles' latest recording.

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Officium Novum

Program: #10-41, Air Date: 10/04/10

Over the years we have heard all the Hilliard Ensemble recordings, including their two collaborations with Norwegian jazz saxophonist Jan Gabarek. This week, the national premiere of their new work, including their recent efforts looking at the remarkable religious liturgy of Armenia.

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