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Program: #94-18, Air Date: 05/02/94

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Musica Nova: Harmonie des Nations

Program: #18-28, Air Date: 07/02/18

This time, Jordi Savall and Hesperion XXI in a live performance as Volume 11 of their Consort Music series.

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In Excelsis Deo: Music from the Time of the War of the Spanish Succession

Program: #18-17, Air Date: 04/16/18

While an unhappy series of battles, it was an enormous time of musical growth—and Jordi Savall’s latest book/CD compilation examines it in detail.

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The Borgia Dynasty, Part 3: Church and Power in the Renaissance

Program: #11-19, Air Date: 05/02/11

We conclude our look at Jordi Savall's Grammy-award winning disc dedicated to the rise of the Borgia family.

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