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Forlana Consort at the Corcoran Gallery

Program: #06-10, Air Date: 02/27/06

A live recording of one of Flanders' premier vocal ensembles exhibiting a wide range of technique in three centuries of music.

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Archiv Produktion: 1947-2013, Part III

Program: #13-30, Air Date: 07/22/13

More from the compilation celebrating 66 years of great music-making: Masterpiece Theater, Monteverdi, and the Pro Cantione Antiqua.

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A Time Will Tell

Program: #13-05, Air Date: 01/28/13

Donald Grieg of the Orlando Consort (and many other groups) has penned a witty take on modern early music scholarship, performance, and the time we all so earnestly try to recreate--we'll hear the author and the music from the book.

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Three from Mignarda

Program: #10-38, Air Date: 09/13/10

We come back to the upstate New York duo with three recent discs: "La Rota Fortuna" (music in honor of Spinacino); "Au pres de Vous" (French 16th century chansons); and "Harmonia Caelestis" (16th c. sacred Spanish repertory).

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