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Naxos Distribution—Three More Early Baroque Discs

Program: #15-07, Air Date: 02/09/15

NOTE: All of the programs once again this month feature recordings that are part of the expanded Naxos Distribution family.

A rarely-heard Swiss composer, the great Englishman Thomas Tomkins, and madrigals of madness at the turn of the 17th century.

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A Medieval Christmas

Program: #14-53, Air Date: 12/29/14

NOTE: All of the releases on this program are from recent recordings of material for Christmastide.

Keeping the tradition of the Twelve Day celebration, we’ll range from Florence to England to an exclusive service for St. Thomas a Beckett (whose Feast Day is Dec. 29).

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The Tudor Renaissance

Program: #14-44, Air Date: 10/27/14

From the obscure (Edmund Sturton) to the famous (the masses of William Byrd), recent releasescelebrate the glory of Tudor England.

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Music for Sir Anthony

Program: #06-14, Air Date: 03/27/06

Finally released on CD, the concerts by the Currende Ensemble directed by Erik van Nevel tracing the great artist's journeys from Antwerp to London to Italy to his return home again.

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