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The First Circumnavigation of the Globe

Program: #20-03, Air Date: 01/06/20

A new boxed set from Jordi Savall’s label gives us a musical portrait of Juan Sebastian Elkano, who completed the voyage Magellan did not.

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Three Medieval Recordings

Program: #18-46, Air Date: 11/05/18

The medieval fiddle, lais and cantigas from France and Spain., and 13th and early 14th century music from the great cathedrals.

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Listener’s Choice, Part 2: The Dance no audio

Program: #00-11, Air Date: 03/13/00

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Three from Mignarda

Program: #10-38, Air Date: 09/13/10

We come back to the upstate New York duo with three recent discs: "La Rota Fortuna" (music in honor of Spinacino); "Au pres de Vous" (French 16th century chansons); and "Harmonia Caelestis" (16th c. sacred Spanish repertory).

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