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Program: #03-50, Air Date: 12/15/03

For 150 years composers of the Lowlands defined European music--we'll hear some of the greatest Christmas motets from Dufay to Lassus.


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from Creator of the Stars with Pomerium, Alexander Blachly, director
[Archiv CD 449 819]:
--Anon.: Preter rerum seriem.
--JOSQUIN DESPREZ (c. 1440-1521): Preter rerum seriem.

from How Excellent is Thy Name: Sacred Music of Lassus with the King's Singers
[EMI CD CDC 7 49157]:
--ROLAND de LASSUS (1532-1594): Magnificat "Preter rerum seriem."

from A Marriage of England and Burgundy with The Binchois Consort
conducted by Andrew Kirkman [Hyperion CD CDA67129]:
--Anon [attrib. ANTOINE BUSNOIS (c.1430-1492)]:
Incomprehensibilia firme/Preter rerum ordinem.
--ANTOINE BUSNOIS: Regina coeli.

from Barbireau: Mass & Motets with The Clerks' Group directed by
Edward Wickham [ASV CD GAU 186]:
--JEAN PULLOIS (?early 1400s--1478): O beata infantia.

from Cipriano de Rore: Sacred and Secular Motets from the Munich Codex
with Weser-Renaissance Bremen directed by Manfred Cordes
[CPO CD 999 506]:
--CIPRIANO de RORE (1516-1565): Quem vidistis pastores (for Epiphany)
Hodie Christus natus est.

from Orlando do Lasso: Regina coeli and Seasonal Motets with The Choir of
Trinity Collge, Cambridge directed by Richard Marlow
[Conifer Classics CD 75606-51230]:
--LASSUS: Laetentur coeli (for Advent); Resonet in laudibus (for Feast
of the Nativity); Tui sunt coeli (Nativity); Quem vidistis, pastores.

Composer Info

JEAN PULLOIS (?early 1400s--1478), CIPRIANO de RORE (1516-1565), JOSQUIN DESPREZ (c. 1440-1521), ANTOINE BUSNOIS (c.1430-1492), ROLAND de LASSUS (1532-1594),

CD Info

CD 449 819, CD CDC 7 49157, CDA67129, CD GAU 186, CD 999 506, CD 75606-51230.