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Three from Hyperion

Program: #17-20, Air Date: 05/08/17

The superb English label gives us the Binchois Consort with music for the 100 Years’ War, the Orlando Consort with the rise of English polyphony, and Cinquecento rediscovering Jean Guyot.

Philippe de Monte: Missa Ultimi miei sospiri – Music from the Lowlands

Program: #08-46, Air Date: 11/03/08

The new recording by the Cinquecento ensemble of the Missa Ultimi miei sospiri and motets of Mechelen-born Philippe de Monte.

Requiem for Josquin

Program: #13-08, Air Date: 02/18/13

The ensemble Cinquecento has a wonderful recent release looking at Josquin and the generation he taught and influenced.

Phillip Schoendorff, de Monte, and the Court of Rudolph II

Program: #11-23, Air Date: 05/30/11

The ensemble Cinquecento, which specializes in music of the renaissance Hapsburg Court, looks at the time of the "melancholy Rudolph."