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Swan Song

Program: #18-20, Air Date: 05/07/18

The breathtaking series on the Carus label of the complete works of Heinrich SchĂĽtz concludes (as he did) with his Opus Ultimum, which he called his Swan Song.

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The German Early Baroque

Program: #16-26, Air Date: 06/20/16

New recordings dedicated to SchĂĽtz, RosenmĂĽller, and the Music Cabinet of the Cantor of the St. Thomas Church in Leipzig.

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🔊 Bergen Festival 2002

Program: #02-49, Air Date: 12/09/02

Our friends at the most recent Bergen festival also presented a sweeping and rare Requiem mass in 2002—the beautiful setting by the Bohemian composer who spent most of his creative life in the court at Dresden, Jan Dismas Zelenka.

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