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The Cardinall’s Musick, William Byrd, and The Music of Rome

Program: #17-27, Air Date: 06/26/17

Conductor Andrew Carwood guides us through more of his extraordinary Tallis edition.

The Sistine Chapel Choir

Program: #15-42, Air Date: 10/12/15

In honor of the Pope’s recent visit to America, we present the first studio project recorded in the Sistine Chapel itself.

Il Trionfo di Dori

Program: #15-38, Air Date: 09/14/15

This 1592 Venetian publication gave us 29 madrigals by 29 different composers; it is reconstructed for us by the King’s Singers.

Huelgas Ensemble: Rome in Multiples

Program: #12-06, Air Date: 01/30/12

Paul van Nevel and his group present some of the lesser-known Roman composers: Animuccia, Anerio, Agazzari, and Michelangelo Rossi.

The Sixteen: Palestrina and Allegri

Program: #12-03, Air Date: 01/09/12

Harry Christophers' superb group celebrates two of the titans of Roman church music.

Missa Cantantibus organis: Allegri Miserere & the music of Rome

Program: #11-13, Air Date: 03/21/11

Before the great Palestrina's death in 1594, seven Roman musicians came together to write a twelve-part mass based on the elder composer's motet Cantantibus Organis; this is the centerpiece of this new recording by the Cardinall's Musick.