Programs tagged with: Guillaume de Machaut

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Three Medieval Studies

Program: #16-31, Air Date: 07/25/16

The latest from Discantus, the superb Schola Gregoriana from Prague, and a breathtaking recording from the German/Iraqi ensemble Sanstierce.

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 Utrecht 2001: Le Roman de la Rose

Program: #02-21, Air Date: 05/27/02

This week, the great French medieval ensemble Alla Francesca takes us on a musical journey through the epic Roman de la Rose.

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 Bruges 2002, Part 2

Program: #02-10, Air Date: 03/11/02

From the multi-disc set "The Golden Age of European Polyphony" from the Belgian label Cypres, we celebrate Machaut, Dunstable & Dufay.

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The Dart of Love

Program: #15-22, Air Date: 05/25/15

The latest from the Orlando Consort continues their extensive series celebrating the music of Guillaume de Machaut.

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