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Guillaume de Machaut–Duelling Motets

Program: #04-14, Air Date: 03/29/04

In one of those oddities in the early music world, a much-anticipated recording of motets by Guillaume de Machaut (c.1300-1377) featuring The Hilliard Ensemble is matched by a most unusual disc.

A Bohemian Christmas

Program: #05-52, Air Date: 12/19/05

NOTE: All NOTE: All of the music on this program is performed by the ensemble Early Music New York directed by Frederick Renz.

Ars Subtilior and Solage–The Transition from Late Medieval to the Renaissance

Program: #07-18 , Air Date: 04/23/07

The time after Machaut's death was marked by unusual complexities of rhythm, notation, and text called Ars Subtilior--a new disc by the Gothic Voices focuses on the shadowy figure of "Solage," active in French court circles in the 1380s. Not only are some of the pieces recorded of the first time, this disc adds ten works never before attributed to the oeuvre of Solage on stylistic grounds.

Machaut’s Motets & the Blessed Henry Suso–The Transition from Late Medieval to the Renaissance

Program: #07-17 , Air Date: 04/16/07

Thanks to the work of Anne Walters Robertson, we have an amazing theory--that the motets 1-17 of Machaut form a vast cycle on the aspects of spiritual love as delineated by the popular mystic and Dominican friar, Blessed Henry Suso in his treatise "Wisdom's Watch Upon the Hours"--and with two recent recordings, we can track these astounding works.

Dufay to Josquin–The Transition from Late Medieval to the Renaissance

Program: #07-19 , Air Date: 04/30/07

Early and mature works of Guillaume Dufay, and works that were attributed to Josquin now known to be by various contemporaries, lead us through the rich half-century from 1440 to 1490--from the last hints of medievalism to full-bore mature Renaissance polyphony; we'll conclude with Josquin pure & true.

Archiv Special: Music of the Gothic Era

Program: #13-31, Air Date: 07/29/13

Magnificat Jazz/Medieval Music Fusion

Program: #10-37, Air Date: 09/06/10

Inspired by David Munrow's "Art of Courtly Love" recording from many years ago., jazz conductor Robert Sadin decided to explore Guillaume de Machaut. This week, we sample the results.