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Renaissance Rarities

Program: #20-28, Air Date: 06/29/20

A rarely-recorded mass by Josquin, music for St. Catherine from St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge, and the almost unknown work of Johannes de Cleve.

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Secret History

Program: #17-39, Air Date: 09/18/17

John Potter guides us through his latest project on ECM: Josquin and Victoria from a very different perspective.

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🔊 Utrecht Festival: Charles V in France

Program: #00-47, Air Date: 11/10/00

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht, and features a performance by the Ensemble Doulce Memoire directed by Denis Raisin-Dadre.

For information about the Festival in 2001, other cultural events in the Netherlands, or about travel to Holland, you may contact the Netherlands Board of Tourism at:

For more information about the Charles V Festival year, you may explore the Charles V web site:

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🔊 Frank Albinder: An Audio History

Program: #00-18, Air Date: 05/01/00

NOTE: All of the music on this program features performances by our guest, Frank Albinder. Formerly with Chanticleer, Mr. Albinder is currently director of the Washington Men's Camerata.

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